Full Stack Developer

Waves Group

2023 - Present

My role at Waves brings together the last 10 years of work. I primarily work on a number of in-house tools and applications to produce high quality analysis and visualizations of digital evidence to assist our Mariners and Civils in their case work. My team is trying to accelerate the maritime industry's transition in to the 21st century.

We use a wide-variety of tools and frameworks from across the JS ecosystem and also heavily use Python for our data analysis. Quite early on I pushed for a transition from Angular to Next.js for our application platforms. Additionally, my introduction of Python for complex data analysis has streamlined processes, utilizing libraries such as Pandas and NumPy to analyze data more effectively and produce high quality deliverables for clients.

Graduate Software Engineer

At Pulsion I worked with a talented team of devs and learned the ins - and - outs of developing for external clients. I progressed quickly while working on a few React-based Web Applications and was given the opportunity to be the sole-developer on a React-Native project. We primarily deployed to AWS but I also got to work with Azure.

MSci Physics

University of Glasgow

2017 - 2022

I never thought I'd go to uni, but I wanted to learn how the universe worked.

I did hours and hours of calculus, but I learned the basics of programming and spent a lot of time doing data analysis in Python. I completed my studies with a project that involved building a neural network to look for behaviour Beyond the Standard Model in LHC experimental data. It was also during this time that I picked up Javascript and built the first version of this site (it doesn't exist any more sorry).

Deck Officer Cadet

Warsash Maritime Academy

2013 - 2016

Spent 3 years learning how to drive boats and how to not get lost at sea. I learned a lot about the maritime industry, but also learned a lot about myself.

Everything else I've done

  • I've worked as a freelance photographer. I was forutnate to work with a number of bands and musicians and took part in a number of charity shoots while at uni. I was also president of the photography society until COVID killed it.
  • I worked as a bike messenger for a few years for the apps (UberEats, Deliveroo etc). It was usually wet and cold.